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Our Cardinal Insurance Management Systems (CIMS) provides you with a single, comprehensive, windows- and web-based insurance administration programme on a user-friendly, robust platform. Appropriate for all channels of short-term insurance, CIMS means that you can efficiently and cost-effectively improve your service to clients. As a packaged application, built on the foundation of over a decade’s development, CIMS is innovative, up-to-date technology – expert enough to run an entire business.

We chose Cardinal based on its dynamic interface capabilities. We have found the integrity of the Cardinal team refreshing and are grateful for their attention to detail. We are now getting the best out of the system in terms of our specific requirements.

Cardinal, a private company, is constantly improving, refining and advancing – for our benefit and yours. With three founding directors and over 40 talented specialists, including Microsoft developers, business analysts and consultants, we’re well-equipped to develop, improve, and enhance systems to suit your needs.

As a front-runner in the high-speed world of insurance industry software, Cardinal understands the growing needs of

•  insurers,
•  underwriting managers and
•  brokers.

In keeping with world trends, we have developed a broad-scope insurance administration system. It offers financial service providers the ease of working on windows- and web-based systems and the intelligence of a programme written specifically to satisfy the unique needs of an industry that’s constantly evolving.

How you benefit?

Cardinal appreciates that rudimentary policy, finance and claims administration systems are outdated. You need a system that’s comprehensive enough to stay ahead of the game so you are always ahead of your competitors. This is why CIMS covers far more than these entry-level functions, allowing you to revolutionise your services to clients in terms of:

•    speed,
•    competence and
•    compliance

Certified B-BBEE

Cardinal takes its inherent BEE rating program very seriously and strongly supports this initiative. Cardinal will continue to do so through its Preferential Procurement, Enterprise Development & Socio-economic Development responsibilities.

We are extremely proud to be certified as a Level 4 (100% procurement recognition level) BBBEE Company.
Certification Number: 2009/006099
Certification Date: 01/12/2016


Our Directors

Managing Director at Cardinal

Director of Insurance Products

Technical Director

Director of Development