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Cardinal Insurance Management Systems provides an agile and bespoke service for general insurance underwriters from broker houses, administrators to underwriting Managers and small to medium insurance companies. CIMS for short-term insurance provides a technological platform that empowers cost efficiency, enabling companies to rapidly change product and market direction and adapt to meet evolving customer demands. We particularly pride ourselves in our insurance and business knowledge and the resultant functionality of our systems.


iCims is a first in Insurance Cloud Computing administration in Southern Africa for use by any Insurer, Underwriting Manager, Administrator or Brokerage House. The way the world is moving with data and technologies is into the Cloud where software and its use is provided as a service (SAAS), making it more affordable and on a pay as you use basis. In layman’s terms it means moving your business (no matter how big or small) into a professionally and securely hosted environment, accessible from anywhere, anytime and anyhow via any internet connection.

CIMS Electronic Document Storage Module

Our Electronic Document Storage module has been developed according to ISO 15801 certification principles, so its output is admissible as evidence in court.

CIMS Qrater Rating Engine Module

A standalone rule-based rating engine, Q-Rater – a ‘black box builder’ – is incorporated into CIMS and caters for all lines of business. Targeted for actuaries and business users, this product offers a high performance blackbox rating and an underwriting rules-builder.


The WebXL reinsurance solution was initially developed in Europe with precise analysis of the all the difficulties encountered by businesses in the Re-Insurance market. Indeed, the development and implementation of a complete reinsurance information system remains a true challenge today, and WebXL is an innovative package capable of managing all areas of the reinsurance process.

Insurance Data Warehouse

A unique business intelligence solution that caters for the unique Short Term Insurance industry in South Africa from Cardinal.


EchoTCF is a workflow that measures broker customer experience allowing brokers to have their service levels assessed by clients - in real time.