Case Study - From Reliable Supplier to Valued Partner

Supplying and supporting insurance brokers’ needs

Insurers, underwriting managers and intermediaries were limited in the past by what Policy Administration Systems (PAS) could offer. As companies within the InsurTech environment have evolved – requiring more flexible systems that integrate seamlessly with their existing solutions – these systems have had to evolve too.

For PAS to supply what the industry demands, rethinking technology by incorporating more technologically advanced, digitised solutions is key.

Cardinal Insurance Management Systems

With more than 20 years of experience in insurance systems and the experience to leverage its reputation for innovation, Cardinal is uniquely positioned in an ever-changing, highly competitive space to offer its clients InsurTech solutions that deliver on both the big picture and the detail. By offering the latest methodologies and technologies, Cardinal has become one of the leading insurance management providers – synonymous with providing game-changing solutions that seamlessly connect all players within the short-term insurance value chain.

Risk Benefit Solutions (RBS) Insurance Brokers

Having relied on Cardinal as its core insurance system provider for over 20 years, RBS is one of Cardinal’s longest-standing clients and considers Cardinal a valued partner, not just a reliable supplier. RBS offers straightforward and affordable products and services that includes car, household, commercial, corporate, marine and engineering insurance. RBS has earned its reputation as an experienced and dynamic insurance provider by focusing, consistently, on one thing – making the process of buying insurance, claiming, and engaging as simple as possible.

More than a system

Cardinal’s C360 system has continuously been developed and has evolved from offering separate systems for claims, underwriting, and finance to be a responsive, interactive system with different modules, services, integrations and workbenches. Eight years ago, RBS began engaging with C360 from a digital point of view, with straight-through processing for claims. Since then, this core system has not only enabled RBS to become paperless and workflow-driven but achieve the all-important ‘rapid time to market’ with products being designed as needed.

Why Cardinal C360?

Providing clients with an innovative solution that meets their needs and grows with them as they adapt to a more digitally inclined environment is what sets Cardinal’s C360 system apart. By enabling efficient, paperless management of information; allowing all data to be centrally captured and housed on one system; and reaping the rewards of constant updates and implementation, C360 makes for better decision-making by making retrieving and analysing data easier than ever.

The nature of RBS’s relationship with Cardinal has been a collaborative one – with both businesses growing by gaining insight into what works best for them. Over the years, Cardinal has worked closely with RBS to design and develop a productivity and processes system that integrates seamlessly into the existing PAS while meeting business needs.

Why Cardinal?

“Cardinal integrates a progressive mindset of continuous improvement which keeps them relevant and ahead of the game. Cardinal’s core PAS system, C360, is constantly developing and transforming within the InsurTech space. With years of experience in the insurance industry, Cardinal have been able to consistently provide tailored solutions to RBS, with a balance between understanding the tech industry, as well as the needs of their clients." Michael Petersen, CEO of RBS
“As our technology advances and strengthens, so has our relationship with RBS. As we have grown in size and capability, we have been able to offer more value to RBS by providing them with a solution that has full end-to-end value.” – Cardinal CEO, Graham Harvey
“Cardinal has provided us with a true tech partner that has allowed us to walk their company journey with them. As a business, we have a long journey to travel to be fully digitised. Our feeling, without doubt, is that Cardinal is well positioned to do that, and have the right skills to suit our needs.” – Deseree Van Den Berg, Executive Head, RBS

What’s next?

Both Cardinal and RBS are doing what they do best – evolving to meet the needs of their clients and raising the bar for the industry in the process. Right now, RBS is extending their client journey to offer their clients a more integrated and digital-first solution and Cardinal is working on incorporating a new system, the iPlatform, into existing core systems.

Cardinal’s powerful and modern technology platform readily supports and complements the most progressive InsurTech needs and strategies but the addition of iPlatform means that clients no longer need compromise. Why choose between traditional or new technology when you can have both?

The iPlatform is a collection of innovative apps – pre-built, validated and trusted. Specifically built for integration with the core C360, C360i and any other 3rd party PAS, these apps create an ‘ecosystem’ of solutions that cater to each client’s individual and unique needs.

“We are driven to challenge the status quo and leverage technology to overcome the inefficiencies of our industry.” – Cardinal CEO, Graham Harvey

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