Case Studies


From Reliable Supplier to Valued Partner

Having relied on Cardinal as its core insurance system provider for over 20 years, RBS is one of Cardinal’s longest-standing clients and considers Cardinal a valued partner, not just a reliable supplier.


Reaching Customers In More Ways Than One

Value-added services can assist insurers in increasing profitability, owning the customer interface, and reinventing product offerings. To reap these benefits, licensed FSPs selling value-added short-term insurance products, however, must have a clear view and understanding of their firm’s data in order to navigate a world of new and complicated risks effectively.


Adopting More Efficient Processes

Cardinal has established a new standard for high-performance insurance administration software. However, could the company meet the core, data, and digital requirements of Efficient Insure (previously known as Galileo Risk Insurance Solutions), one of South Africa's leading independent insurance brokers?



Insurance Software Changes the Business Paradigm

Today’s insurers face far greater challenges than ever before. They need to be prepared for major catastrophes that could devastate their customer base, as well as big financial losses due to cyberattacks or natural disasters.


Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry

Digital transformation is gaining traction and is a term that you have most likely already encountered. It has, in some way, transformed just about every industry, and the traditionally slow to modernize insurance industry is no exception.


Hidden Costs and Challenges of Legacy Systems

A legacy system is one that is considered to be out of date in terms of technology or software, but still used by insurance firms, as it serves the purposes for which it was created.



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