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Embrace Digitisation

Our ecosystem of mature, innovative, and advanced technologies enables faster digital transformation of the insurance transaction by providing a seamless integration between new digital channels and our functionally-rich PAS (Policy Administration Software).

Our extensive API (Application Programming Interface) makes seamless integration possible, controlling access to all our front-end solutions and providing our digital-first development teams with design and development agility.

Ensure Data Transformation

Likened to oil in the 18th Century, data is a vastly untapped resource which, if mined and extracted correctly, yields huge rewards. Sharing data is an important part of the value proposition and Cardinal has a host of services for data transformation in our CDE (Cardinal Data Exchange).

Our most unique product offering, CSync, supports data transformation and allows for automated data exchange between any two instances of our C360 software. Used by our Insurance and UMA distribution partners, CSync enables the successful, seamless ingestion of data from multiple broker sites into a single, on prem instance of C360 – presenting data as an identical copy of the source system with transactional and reporting capabilities.

Enable Policyholder Self-Service

The insurance industry has generally fallen behind with regards to digital transformation, but, as a Cardinal client, using our C360 Insurance Management Suite, there are several bespoke self-service capabilities that will easily transform your experience and client journey for most transactions pertaining to sales, policy and claims administration.

Optimise Workflow

With process optimisation being a constant in all insurance businesses, the Cardinal C360 Insurance Management Suite has inherent workflow controls that can be effectively used to control and manage multiple transactions that are pre-emptive in nature. These configurable components are part of the standard C360 software and can be used to build more optimised processes for your organisation using our Professional Services team.

Quicken Product Delivery

Product development and distribution is where our business outshines the competition.

Our extensively experienced product development professionals can advise you on the construct of most types of insurance products, facilitated by our advanced product building functionality on C360 – supported by a library of over 2500 insurer approved and non-approved products.

Our Product Factory guarantees acceleration of product design, development and distribution using the Cardinal C360 platform’s capabilities, building an industry compliant product in the shortest possible time.

Reduce Time to Market

Time to Market for insurance products can often be the differentiator that gives you the “early mover advantage”. Our ecosystem of insurance management software, product professionals, self-service front end functionality, and fully-managed service delivery ensures that we have the tools to support and accelerate your Time to Market.

With extensive expertise across more than 250 installations, our Professional Services team is always available to support your project teams with services and solutions that apply to most insurance-related strategies.

Drive Innovation

Cardinal’s insurance and technology expertise over the past 20 year has evolved through the three main waves of innovation: Basic, Transformative and Disruptive. Cardinal is well-versed in the cutting-edge ways and game-changing means to accelerate your company’s innovation plans by balancing technical insurance skill with advanced technologies, guaranteed to transform your experience as our client.

Integrate Seamlessly

Introducing disparate technologies into your environment is proving to be a technical nightmare for companies that want to be able to benefit from creating a seamless transaction between consumer facing front ends, and back-end main systems of record.

We recognise that the cost of integrating and maintaining multiple platforms to produce a single digital transaction is a challenge which is why we’ve responded by investing in a new insurance ecosystem that provides you with a fully integrated technology stack of self-service products that functions seamlessly with our core PAS (Policy Administration System), through advanced API’s (Application Interface Programmes).

Grow Profitability

There are four ways to create value and achieve growth: introduce new products and services that assist in growing your existing market; increase your overall share of a growing market; compete for a share of the stable market; or acquire new business. Through a fully managed professional services delivery model, our software products and insurance experts support and accelerate all four of these growth journeys.

Automate Processes

Business Process Efficiency is intrinsically linked to reducing the cost of service and ultimately, improving profitability. Most insurance transactions are admin intensive, and process automation is one of the many ways to help improve the overall efficiency of the transaction.

Our software suite is feature-rich with functionality that responds to most insurance-related transactions. We drive process automation by utilising multiple configurable controls, workflow triggers, document generation and client communication management.

The Networking Effect

Your network is the new nett worth. Harnessing networking touch points within an insurance organisation and the extended insurance market has never been more key to maintaining the all-important competitive edge, which is why our 2025 Innovation Roadmap revolves around the Cardinal Platform model.

Through innovative solutions that apply to the many layers of an insurance organisation, we will extend what we refer to as our ‘network effect’ by creating the exponential value associated with a connected and expanding network.

How will we achieve this? By adding more products, services, and partners to the ‘Platform Play’, and in turn, increasing the number of connected users and, in turn, increasing value to every client.


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