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"We are driven to challenge the status quo and leverage technology to overcome the inefficiencies of our industry." - Brent McDaniel

With over two decades of experience and expertise in insurance systems, Cardinal is an InsurTech business that takes care of your technology needs so that you can focus on your core business. How do we do this? By leveraging technology to overcome industry inefficiencies; seamlessly connecting all players in the short-term insurance value chain.

“Our process automation and claims administration solutions are used by over 300 short-term insurance clients in South Africa and internationally.” - Zirk Engelbrecht

Founded in 1998 as an agri-assets insurance administration system provider, Cardinal has evolved to become a feature-rich, leading insurance management system provider. The same entrepreneurial mindset that inspired our four founders to build the first iteration of the Cardinal Insurance Management System (CIMS1) continues to drive our industry-leading team to revolutionise and digitise the insurance systems landscape.

“We invest heavily in R&D so that our business remains at the forefront of InsurTech developments and your business is never left stranded with outdated tech.” - Graham Harvey

Our investment in Research and Development (R&D) – coupled with a drive to seamlessly and simply connect the insurance industry – has seen our suite of solutions evolve to include professional services, CardinalPRO, and our latest innovation, the iPlatform.

iPlatform is a collection of pre-built, validated, continually innovated, and trusted apps specifically built for – and integrated with – the core C360 & C360i Policy Administration Systems (PAS’s); effectively creating an ecosystem of solutions that cater to your unique needs.

“By partnering with us, you no longer need to choose between legacy and new technology; you get the best of both.” - Zirk Engelbrecht













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